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Guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Mysteries of Eternity Isle

In the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players embark on a captivating journey filled with beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Initially featuring around 25 characters, the recent expansion, A Rift in Time, introduces even more characters and quests to the game.

Within the Valley, time fractures have occurred due to the dark magic of the Forgetting, leading to the reappearance of old friends like Jafar. The new time fractures offer a chance for players to reconnect with these lost characters.

One of the early quests in the A Rift in Time expansion is “The Secrets of Eternity Isle,” where players venture to the mysterious Eternity Isle to rescue Jafar. As players explore this long-lost island, they’ll uncover its secrets and ultimately free Jafar from his predicament.

It’s revealed that Jafar has been stranded in one of the forgotten realms of the Valley, prompting players to embark on a journey to Eternity Isle to rescue him. With the guidance of a wise wizard, players set out on this quest, but there are challenges awaiting them beyond just reaching the isle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Eternity Isle Expedition

Embark on an adventure unlike any other as you explore Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide will help you navigate through the mysteries of this unique location and complete “The Secrets of Eternity Isle” quest.

Eternity Isle presents a plethora of new experiences distinct from the familiar surroundings of Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, as you settle in, the comforting familiarity will soon return. To access Eternity Isle, you must first complete “The Port of Many Worlds” quest. Upon arrival, seek out Jafar at a Hologram Station pedestal to initiate “The Secrets of Eternity Isle.”

Navigate through Eternity Isle’s challenges, including clearing Splinters of Fate, which are akin to Night Thorns and can be dispelled using your magical abilities. After clearing these obstacles, ascend the main staircase at The Docks to reach the Ancient Gate. Adjacent to the gate, another Hologram Station awaits, where conversing with Jafar will set you on a quest to retrieve the Ancient Sphere.

A Guide Uncovering and Restoring the Ancient Sphere

Embark on a quest to retrieve and reconstruct the Ancient Sphere in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Follow these steps to locate its scattered pieces and restore it to its former glory.

In your journey to repair the Ancient Sphere, keep in mind that the spawn locations of its fragments may vary. During our exploration, one piece was found near Scrooge McDuck’s shop, while the other was located near the well up the stairs leading to the Ancient Gate. Keep an eye out for sparkling spots on the ground indicating the presence of these crucial components.

Utilize your Shovel to unearth the pieces from their hiding spots, then rendezvous with Jafar at the Hologram Station for further instructions. He will guide you to utilize a Crafting Station, typically located near your residence, to mend the Ancient Sphere by combining its two fragments. Once restored, the Ancient Sphere will play a pivotal role in your quest within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Completing “The Secrets of Eternity Isle” Quest

To conclude “The Secrets of Eternity Isle” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these final steps:

After successfully repairing the Ancient Sphere at your Crafting Station, return to the Ancient Gate. Locate the receptacle to the left of the door and insert the Ancient Sphere from your inventory. The gate will now open, granting you access to what lies beyond.

Step through the gate and engage in a final conversation with Jafar to bring this quest to a close. Jafar will then assign you the task of locating “The Flying Metal Nuisance,” a crucial step in obtaining EVE within Disney Dreamlight Valley.

“The Secrets of Eternity Isle” Quest Text

Strange temporal anomalies are emerging throughout the Valley, accompanied by the sudden appearance of a Mysterious Device near the Wishing Well in the Plaza…

In your investigation, you encounter Jafar, who identifies himself as the Royal Vizier of Dreamlight Valley. He reveals that he is marooned on Eternity Isle, severed from the Valley due to a mysterious magical occurrence. To rectify the situation, you must find a means to access Eternity Isle.

Upon arriving at the island, Jafar instructs you to rendezvous with him near a gate leading deeper into Eternity Isle. However, before progressing, you must contend with obstructive Splinters of Fate.

Jafar elaborates that the gate can only be unlocked by restoring a fractured sphere that once powered it. Your quest begins by locating the shattered remnants of this crucial artifact. As you explore Eternity Isle, you may uncover additional pieces and unravel more mysteries.

With the gate now accessible, it’s time to delve further into the mysteries of Eternity Isle.

Jafar awaits you near the broken bridge, signaling the commencement of your exploration into the desert, jungle, and the enigmatic disruptions in the fabric of time. Perhaps now he will shed light on the events that led to this perplexing situation.

“Eternity Isle Expedition” Objectives

  1. Activate the Mysterious Device located in the Plaza’s corner to initiate communication with Jafar.
  2. Complete the “The Port of Many Worlds” Quest to gain access to Eternity Isle.
  3. Journey to the Stardust Port within the Dream Castle.
  4. Utilize the Ancient Vessel to transport yourself to Eternity Isle.
  5. Upon arrival, locate the Hologram Station enabling communication with Jafar.
  6. Engage with the Hologram Station to converse with Jafar.
  7. Progress towards the Ancient Gate, the gateway to further regions of Eternity Isle.
  8. Clear the path by dispelling Splinters of Fate; approach and press (E) to remove them.
  9. Communicate with Jafar using the Hologram Station positioned adjacent to the Ancient Gate.
  10. Search for scattered fragments of the Ancient Sphere while exploring Ancient’s Landing.
  11. Mend the Ancient Sphere at a nearby Crafting Station.
  12. Insert the restored Ancient Sphere into the receptacle beside the Ancient Gate.
  13. Activate the Ancient Gate by placing the Ancient Sphere in its designated spot.
  14. Venture deeper into the heart of Eternity Isle.
  15. Meet Jafar at the broken bridge within the Courtyard area.
  16. Converse with Jafar at the designated Hologram Station to proceed with your expedition.

Embarking for Eternity Isle: Locating the Ancient Gate

Embark on your journey to Eternity Isle by following these steps:

  1. Begin the quest by heading to Stardust Port and boarding a boat from the dock, transporting you to Eternity Isle.
  2. Upon arrival, seek out Jafar at one of the Hologram Stations, where he will task you with finding the Ancient Gate.
  3. The Ancient Gate is a prominent stone structure situated near your residence on Eternity Isle. Simply proceed straight towards your house and then veer left to locate it.
  4. Be mindful that the path to the Ancient Gate may be obstructed by the Splinters of Fate. Clear these obstacles to access the Ancient Gate.
  5. Once the path is clear, proceed to the Ancient Gate to continue your exploration of Eternity Isle.

Conversing with Jafar and Unveiling the Ancient Sphere Pieces

  1. Approach the Hologram Station near the Ancient Gate to engage in dialogue with Jafar. He will reveal that the gate is sealed and requires the power of an Ancient Sphere to unlock.
  2. Begin your quest by searching for the scattered pieces of the Ancient Sphere. The first piece can be found next to a towering tree in close proximity to the Ancient Gate. Look for shimmering spots on the ground and utilize your tools to excavate and retrieve the fragment.
  3. Proceed to Scrooge’s Store and scour the area for similar shiny spots. Utilize the Royal Shovel to unearth the second piece of the Ancient Sphere buried beneath the ground.
  4. With both pieces in your possession, you are ready to embark on the next phase of your adventure.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking the Ancient Gate

  1. Upon arrival on Eternity Isle, reconnect with Jafar at the Hologram Station to receive further instructions.
  2. Clear any obstructions, such as Splinters of Fate, along your path to reach the Ancient Gate situated atop the stairs in the square.
  3. Interact with the Hologram Station positioned in front of the Ancient Gate to communicate with Jafar once more. He will confirm your location but inform you of the gate’s closure.
  4. To open the gate, you must retrieve and reconstruct the Ancient Sphere, which has been shattered and scattered around The Docks by a disruptive “metal nuisance.”
  5. Search for the first half of the sphere near Scrooge’s distinctive white and teal shop building, adjacent to a large tree root and a mining spot. The second half can be found on the main path, close to Goofy’s shop stall.
  6. Once you’ve collected both halves, return to the main square and locate the crafting bench positioned against the stone wall near your residence. Access the Functional Items tab and craft the Ancient Sphere.
  7. Place the crafted Ancient Sphere on the blue pedestal located in front of the Ancient Gate. Interact with the gate to activate it and grant access.
  8. Proceed through the opened gate and navigate through the corridor to reach The Courtyard section of Eternity Isle.
  9. Approach the next Hologram Station near the shattered bridge and converse with Jafar to receive a small EXP reward for completing this quest.
Note: Instead of Night Thorns, Eternity Isle manifests Splinters of Fate, which can be dispelled by interacting with them.

Locating Ancient Sphere Pieces in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To uncover the Ancient Sphere pieces in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow these steps:

  1. One piece can be found directly in front of the trees within the grassy area near your house. Utilize your shovel to excavate it from the ground.
  2. Another piece lies to the left of Scrooge McDuck’s dilapidated store, near your starting point. Use your shovel to unearth it from the grassy terrain.
  3. After securing both pieces, proceed to a nearby workbench, conveniently located next to your house up the stairs. Access the ‘Functional Items’ category and craft the Ancient Sphere.
  4. Once crafted, position the Ancient Sphere on the small podium adjacent to the Ancient Gate. Interact with the gate to initiate its opening.
  5. Traverse through the opened gate and follow the path until you reach an open space. You’ll encounter a hologram station positioned in front of a broken bridge. Interact with it to engage in a final conversation with Jafar.

By completing these steps, you’ve successfully concluded “The Secrets of Eternity Isle” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, paving the way for your next adventure!

Initiating Djafar’s Quest: Unraveling The Secrets of Eternity Isle

To initiate Djafar’s “The Secrets of Eternity Isle” quest in “A Rift in Time,” follow these steps:

  1. Upon starting the expansion, you’ll encounter Jafar automatically. If the expansion doesn’t begin properly, consider the suggested solution provided here. Otherwise, converse with Jafar, who will task you with repairing the rifts in time.
  2. Your first objective is to travel to Eternity Isle. Begin by locating Merlin and engaging him in conversation. This will trigger the side mission “The Port of Many Worlds.”
  3. Seek out Merlin once again, this time within the Dream Castle. Follow him inside and keep pace as he leads you to a gate, granting access to the Port of Many Worlds.
  4. Have another discussion with Merlin at the gate. Once he opens it, proceed through to the other side.
  5. Upon arrival, converse with Merlin one final time to complete his mission, thereby paving the way for your journey to Eternity Isle and the commencement of Djafar’s quest.

Ancient Gate and Retrieving the Ancient Sphere

To progress through Jafar’s quest, follow these steps:

  1. Upon passing through the gate, you’ll receive communication from Jafar. Your next objective is to navigate through the crystal-laden path to reach the ancient gate.
  2. Upon arrival at the ancient gate, locate a hologram statue positioned to the right of it. Interact with the statue to contact Jafar once more. He will explain that the gate requires energy from an ancient sphere to function.

Where to Find the Ancient Sphere:

To locate the ancient sphere’s two parts and supply energy to the gate, venture into the Docks, a newly accessible area in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Refer to the map for exact locations.

Once you’ve gathered both pieces, return to the gate, conveniently situated near your house. Adjacent to your residence, you’ll find a workbench where you can craft the “Ancient Sphere” under the “Functional Items” tab.

Bring the crafted orb back to the gate. Place it on the pedestal to the left. The gate will then open, allowing passage through.

This concludes the majority of Jafar’s quest, “The Secrets of Eternity Isle,” in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To finalize the quest, communicate with Jafar one last time using the hologram statue positioned on the other side, near the broken bridge.

FAQ’S for The Secrets of Eternity Isle

How do I start Djafar's quest, 'The Secrets of Eternity Isle,' in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
Upon starting the “A Rift in Time” expansion, you’ll automatically encounter Jafar, who will task you with repairing the rifts in time.
Where can I find the Ancient Gate in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
After passing through the gate, follow the crystal-laden path until you reach the ancient gate.
What should I do once I've reached the Ancient Gate?
Locate the hologram statue to the right of the gate and interact with it to contact Jafar again.
Where can I find the two halves of the Ancient Sphere?
The two pieces of the ancient sphere can be found in the Docks area of Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How do I craft the Ancient Sphere?
Visit the workbench near your house and access the “Functional Items” tab to craft the Ancient Sphere.
Where do I place the crafted Ancient Sphere?
Place the Ancient Sphere on the pedestal to the left of the gate to supply it with energy.
How do I open the Ancient Gate in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
After placing the Ancient Sphere on the pedestal, the gate will open automatically, allowing passage through.
What happens after I pass through the Ancient Gate?
You’ll almost complete Djafar’s quest “The Secrets of Eternity Isle.” Simply communicate with him one last time using the hologram statue near the broken bridge.
What if I'm having trouble finding the crystal-laden path to the Ancient Gate?
Take your time and carefully navigate through the crystals on the ground. If needed, refer to the surrounding environment for guidance.
Is there a specific order in which I should complete these tasks?
While there’s no strict order, it’s recommended to follow the quest progression as outlined to ensure a smooth experience in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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