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How to Use Extended Videos for Your WhatsApp Status

How to Add 1 Minute Video in Whatsapp Status: WhatsApp, a renowned platform boasting over 2 billion monthly active users, serves as the primary messaging platform for countless individuals. This versatile app facilitates the exchange of messages, images, videos, documents, locations, and supports audio and video calls.

In 2017, WhatsApp introduced the ‘status’ feature, enabling users to share fleeting moments that automatically vanish after 24 hours. The addition of this feature was well-received, drawing parallels to the functionality seen on Snapchat.

Despite the positive reception, users quickly observed a limitation—WhatsApp restricts video posts to a maximum duration of 30 seconds. Rather than succumbing to disappointment, we can guide you through a solution to surpass this limitation and share longer videos on your WhatsApp status. Let us elucidate the process for you.

This comprehensive guide empowers you to post videos of up to 1 minute duration on your WhatsApp status. Keep reading to discover the workaround!

Brief Solution

To share a video longer than one minute on your WhatsApp status, simply divide it into clips, each lasting up to 30 seconds. You can either allow WhatsApp to automatically split your video into 30-second segments for status posts or utilize third-party apps for the same purpose.

Reasons for Unable to Add a 1-Minute Video to WhatsApp Status

Various factors may contribute to the inability to add a 1-minute video to your WhatsApp status. Below are potential reasons that could disrupt the process:

  1. Unstable Internet Connection: If your internet connection is unreliable, it may cause interruptions while attempting to add a 1-minute video to your WhatsApp status. Resolve this issue by switching to a stable or stronger internet connection.
  2. WhatsApp Server Downtime: If the WhatsApp server is temporarily down, it can hinder your ability to add a 1-minute video to your status. Be patient and monitor the status of the WhatsApp server until the issue is resolved.
  3. Outdated WhatsApp Version: Using an older version of WhatsApp might lead to compatibility issues with the server. Ensure smooth functionality by updating your WhatsApp application to the latest version available from your device’s App Store.
  4. Corrupted Data in WhatsApp: Accumulated cache and data in your WhatsApp application may negatively impact its functionality. Address this problem by clearing the corrupted cache and removing unnecessary data from the WhatsApp application.

Is it possible to post videos longer than 30 seconds on WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp imposes a 30-second limit on video status updates, necessitating the trimming of longer videos. Nevertheless, there are strategies to work around this restriction, including:

  1. Utilize a third-party app: Some applications can automatically split lengthy videos into 30-second clips, allowing you to share them as multiple status updates.
  2. Leverage the WhatsApp slider: Take advantage of WhatsApp’s built-in slider to create distinct status updates from 30-second segments of your video.
  3. Modify video characteristics: By employing techniques such as cropping, compressing, or speeding up your video, you can reduce its size and duration to fit within the 30-second limit.

It’s important to note that these methods may not be foolproof, and WhatsApp’s policies could change in the future, affecting the effectiveness of these workarounds.

A Quick Guide for Adding a 1-Minute Video to WhatsApp Status

Certainly, you have the capability to add a 1-minute video to your WhatsApp Status. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. In earlier versions of WhatsApp, this feature might not have been available, but recent updates have made it possible to directly add a 1-minute video to your WhatsApp status without the need for third-party applications.
Adding a 1-minute video to your WhatsApp status is a straightforward process with two simple methods. The first method involves incorporating a 1-minute video into your WhatsApp status without the use of any third-party apps. Alternatively, the second method utilizes third-party apps to achieve the same outcome.

How to Add a 1-Minute Video to WhatsApp Status Without Utilizing a Third-Party App

  1. Launch your WhatsApp application and navigate to the Status section located in the center of the screen.
  2. Access the My Status option at the top of the screen and tap on the camera icon.
  3. Choose the desired video from your gallery and split it into two parts, with the first segment covering 0 to 30 seconds.
  4. Click the send button to post the initial part as your WhatsApp status.
  5. Once again, select the same video from the gallery and this time, choose the second half of the video, spanning from 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. Post the second segment as your WhatsApp status.

This straightforward method allows you to add a 1-minute video to your WhatsApp status directly through the app without relying on any third-party applications.

How to Add a 1-Minute Video to WhatsApp Status Using Third-Party Apps

Tip: CapCut provides a convenient solution for splitting your video into 30-second parts and uploading them to WhatsApp status. This app offers added convenience, allowing you to select multiple videos and post them on your WhatsApp status simultaneously.

If attempting to add a 1-minute video to your WhatsApp status without third-party apps proves challenging, don’t worry—there are several reliable third-party apps available. Here are two recommended apps that have been personally tested:

1. WhatsCut Pro

a. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your device and download the “WhatsCut Pro” app.

b. Open the app and select the video files you want to include in your WhatsApp status.

c. Choose the start and end points of the video with a red icon.

d. Click on the right arrow button and open the edited video in the WhatsApp app.

e. Navigate to the “My Status” option and set the video as your WhatsApp status.

This process demonstrates how to add a 1-minute video to WhatsApp status using WhatsCut Pro.

2. WhatsApp Video Cutter

a. Download the “WhatsApp Video Cutter” app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

b. Launch the app and agree to the terms on the initial page.

c. Tap on the “Trim & Share on WhatsApp” button.

d. Select the video from your gallery.

e. Choose 30 seconds from the drop-down menu to split the video into 30-second clips.

f. Select the Photos app and grant access.

g. The video cutter will upload your clips to the Photos app for use on WhatsApp.

h. Go to WhatsApp, select each video one by one, and post them to your status collectively.

Note: The abundance of advertisements in the free version of the app can be quite bothersome and may cause irritation during usage.

This method illustrates how to add a 1-minute video to WhatsApp status using the WhatsApp Video Cutter app.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, offering extended capabilities, including the ability to share longer videos as WhatsApp statuses, among other features. If you are currently using the official WhatsApp version, you can follow the first method mentioned earlier. However, if you already use GB WhatsApp, additional applications are not necessary.

It’s essential to note that using modded versions of applications comes with potential security risks and may compromise your privacy. To leverage extended features within GB WhatsApp, such as posting longer videos, navigate to the app’s settings and adjust parameters like video status limits, document size limits, and media size limits.

Important Note: It’s crucial to acknowledge that GB WhatsApp is not an officially authenticated version of WhatsApp, and the company strictly prohibits its use. Accounts registered on GB WhatsApp may face bans from WhatsApp. For enhanced security and compliance with policies, it is advisable to use the authentic version of WhatsApp rather than GB WhatsApp.


Expressing your daily experiences, thoughts, and creativity is made seamless with WhatsApp Status. While the 30-second limit may pose challenges in sharing extensive moments, mastering the art of adding a 1-minute video to your Status unlocks a broader spectrum of possibilities.

By following the steps detailed in this guide, you can confidently share 1-minute videos with your WhatsApp contacts. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or simply wish to share memorable snippets of your life, this skill empowers you to enhance the impact of your WhatsApp Status updates.

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FAQ’S for How to Add 1 Minute Video in Whatsapp Status

Here some faq’s for Add a 1-Minute Video to WhatsApp Status

1. Can I share videos longer than 30 seconds on WhatsApp Status without using third-party apps?

Answer: While WhatsApp imposes a 30-second limit on videos for Status updates, you can split longer videos into 30-second segments within the app or explore third-party apps for additional functionalities.

2. What are the risks associated with using modded versions like GB WhatsApp to post longer videos?

Answer: Modded versions may pose security concerns and privacy risks. WhatsApp strictly prohibits the use of such applications, and accounts registered on these platforms may face bans.

3. Are there alternative methods to post 1-minute videos on WhatsApp Status besides using third-party apps?

Answer: Yes, you can leverage the built-in slider in WhatsApp to create separate status updates from 30-second segments of your video. Additionally, modifying video characteristics or compressing it can help fit within the 30-second limit.

4. Is there an app recommended for splitting videos into 30-second parts for WhatsApp Status?

Answer: Yes, CapCut is suggested as a convenient solution to split videos into 30-second segments, allowing for easy posting on WhatsApp Status. However, it's noted that the free version of the app may have an abundance of ads.

5. What’s the significance of knowing how to add a 1-minute video to WhatsApp Status?

Answer: Understanding how to surpass the 30-second limit expands the possibilities of sharing longer, more comprehensive moments on your WhatsApp Status. This skill can be particularly valuable for those wanting to make a greater impact with their Status updates.

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